Sweet Lou’s Waffle Bar gets a sign and a blog

Sweet Lou's signSweet Lou's flyerSweet Lou's website screenshot

My wife Robbie told me that she saw Ron and Jane Currer making a sign for Sweet Lou’s Waffle Bar when she visited their Graphics Mailbox store earlier this week. And shore nuff, it’s up, along with a flyer tacked to their door.

Oddly, the flyer doesn’t have the URL of their website, which is now up… and it includes a weblog with a nearly invisible RSS feed that they’ll hopefully add to Northfield.org’s business blogosphere aggregator.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Lou’s Waffle Bar gets a sign and a blog”

  1. This should be a friendly and socialable place to visit, spread some real news, find out what’s happening in Northfield and at the same time enjoy some coffee and sweet waffle with ice cream and all kinds of good old fashioned hospitality. I still want to work there, if even for 20 hours a week. See you all there and Thanks for coming, I”M waiting, Gib Herget.

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