5 thoughts on “Keys in the ignition, parked over the line. Who is the outlaw owner of this 75 Olds outlaw and how does he get away with it?”

  1. Boy this is a real mystery–how could this happen in Northfield? And, the parallel parkers were very messy this morning on the block between 4th and 3rd–they were lined up like a snake–which means not lined up at all. Where are the parking quality control commission when we NEED them? How do I get appointed to this commission. I would track down that 75 olds guy TOOT SWEET!

    1. Thank you, Hayes. I love the idea of a ‘citizen’s arrest’ in a town where we citizens kill people who try to rob our banks and then put photos of their dead bodies in the newspaper.

      The NHS should sell a t-shirt that says something like “DON’T FUCK WITH ME, I’M A NORTHFIELD CITIZEN.”

      How about that for a fundraiser?

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