Pre-podcast questions for David Bly


Our new 25B House Representative, David Bly (House web page), will be our guest on next week’s podcast episode of Locally Grown.

David’s got a new look to his website and has a My First Week at the Capitol blog entry posted. He’s also got a new podcast (RSS feed here) which, thus far, includes three election campaign ads that ran on KYMN in October.

So what questions might you want us to ask Rep. Bly when we record our show with him this Monday today at 3 PM?

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7 thoughts on “Pre-podcast questions for David Bly”

  1. David,
    1. What priority will you be giving to renewable energy initiatives statewide? Give examples, please.
    2. Since MN National Guard is the only state guard group being extended for the Iraq “surge”, what can we all do to change that?

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