Group meets to discuss bank raid coroner’s inquest

From Sue Hvistendahl:

S5030538Not a Halloween picture, but an exploratory meeting at Froggy Bottoms on the possibility of creating a historical fiction based on a coroner’s inquest of those who died in the 1876 James-Younger gang raid on the First National Bank and its aftermath.

(l-r) Tom Ett and Rachel Haider of the Northfield Arts Guild, director Hayes Scriven of the Northfield Historical Society, James Bailey and Kate Blue from Minnesota State University in Mankato, medical examiner emeritus of Hennepin County Garry Peterson, NHS Board Member and James-Younger gang raider Chip DeMann, NHS attorney and pub owner Dave Hvistendahl, and director of the Northfield Arts Guild Michael Fallon.

The skeleton was once reported to be that of Charlie Pitts, one of the gang members. Modern testing may hold clues as to its true identity.

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