Another problem solved by the City of Northfield’s Engineering Dept: a new curb cut on Jefferson Parkway

Back in late May, I blogged about Roosevelt Drive’s new sidewalk and at the end of the post, wrote:

Jefferson Park trail at Jefferson ParkwayOne thing that still puzzles me, however, is the end of the trail that goes through Jefferson Park. It connects to the sidewalk but across the street, there’s a sign on the north side of Jefferson Parkway that says “TRAIL ROUTE” with a 90 degree arrow. If the intent is to signal people that now on-street walking/biking is required, it seems like there should be a curb cut there where a section of the sidewalk was just replaced.  Or am I confused?

George Kinney reported that he’d brought it to the attention of City Engineer Joe Stapf and about a week ago, I got CC’d on an email from George to Joe:

Thank you, Joe and TJ!  From a distance, I saw a crew working yesterday at the Parkway entrance to Jeff Park, and hoped it was the trail/street completion. I rode past at 5:30 this morning, and it looks great! Now I won’t have to try to jump the curb. 🙂

Joe replied:

Actually, it was Sean Simonson and Steve Bennett from the Engineering Department,  working thru the Street Improvements project contractor, Heselton Construction, and their concrete subcontractor, who made this happen.  I will pass on your thanks.

curb cut, Jefferson Park trail at Jefferson Parkway curb cut, Jefferson Park trail at Jefferson Parkway
I rode my bike on the trail yesterday and indeed, it’s just like George said. Cool.  I love it when City staff pays attention to citizens on small stuff like this and quickly gets things done.

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