The WINGS Oasis at Spring Creek Park

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I spotted (L to R) Jim Pokorney, Catherine McBride, and Charlie Cogan scheming at the GBM last week. What were they up to? (Click the images to enlarge.) Jim emailed me the details. I added some links:

As part of the community’s effort to enhance Spring Creek Park, Northfield Rotary is teaming up with WINGS (Women In Northfield Giving Support) to build the WINGS Oasis. The oasis is a small plaza located between the playground and the newly constructed Amerman Pavilion.

fountain.jpgOn the paver stone surface, the oasis will have three misting showers, a drinking fountain (provided by the Northfield Area Foundation), and two stone benches. Like any oasis worthy of its name, on a hot day the Wings Oasis will be a shady place to rest and a source of refreshing cool water for all to enjoy.

The WINGS Oasis is partially finished with final completion expected in May. Northfield Rotary is providing project management and labor and WINGS is providing a major grant to purchase materials. The WINGS Oasis was designed by Spencer Jones (Spencer Jones Landscape Architect) and expert construction support is being provided by Doug Grove (Grove’s Landscaping). The photo shown explains the oasis design. It was displayed at Rotary’s recent “Turkey Run” fundraiser for the project.

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