Sneak peek at Sweet Lou’s Waffle Bar


  1. Clay Oglesbee said:

    A comment and a question about Sweet Lou’s.

    1. Sweet Lou’s looks pleasant; unfortunately, this means it looks nothing like the Waffle House franchise restaurants in the South and parts of the West. This will be a disappointment to those of us who have travelled the hard and dusty roads between, say, St. Joseph, Missouri and, say, Northfield, Minnesota and back again.

    2. Will grits be served? That would help comfort a stranger in a strange land.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mr. Howard

    December 7, 2007
  2. Jerry Bilek said:

    I once ordered a steak at a Waffle House. Chalk that up to the what were you thinking file. And I do like grits. But the Charles Schulz or the Elvis does Northfield look pretty tasty to me.

    beautiful remodeling of a tattoo parlor!

    December 7, 2007
  3. Julie Bixby said:

    Sweet Lou’s looks really nice inside. I like the variety of seating -high, low, soft, hard…
    I am looking forward to the opening. The selection is a bit daunting! Fantastic!

    Thank you Lewis Neuman for persevering thru this project. I hope Northfield appreciates it!


    December 7, 2007
  4. Clay Oglesbee said:

    To clarify the humor in my earlier post: I’m happy there is going to be a waffle place in Northfield, especially one of this caliber. I’ve been wishing there was one for years. I even looked into the costs of a Waffle House franchise at one point. Lou’s looks way better! I’m just not used to the idea of eating waffles in a wonderful spot where your elbows don’t stick to the table.

    December 7, 2007
  5. Oh, so that’s why we aren’t supposed to put our elbows on the table.
    I never knew that. Talk about slow.


    December 7, 2007
  6. Nick Benson said:

    My goodness, those are hilarious names – some of them are pretty fitting too. Who else would you name four waffles covered with ice cream after? Eat ’em all, Kirby Puckett!

    December 7, 2007
  7. It looks a little bit too squishy.

    December 8, 2007
  8. Griff Wigley said:

    I just received an email tip that Sweet Lou’s opens at 7 am… later this morning, since it’s now 12:35 am.

    December 18, 2007
  9. Griff Wigley said:

    It’s 7:05 am and they’re not open. Rumor debunked!

    December 18, 2007
  10. Griff Wigley said:

    They opened at 8 am. Rumor confirmed! I’ll have a couple of photos later.

    December 18, 2007
  11. Jon Denison said:

    The sign I saw on the door at a lil’ after 8am read that they will open at 9am. I am posting this at 8:49am.

    December 18, 2007
  12. Nick Benson said:

    We demand a waffle update!

    December 18, 2007

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