Who wants a large wood-fired oven? Free!

Tandem Bagels in Northfield wood-fired oven

I see that Tandem Bagels is coming to town (Nfld Patch here, Nfld News here) early next year. Not mentioned in those reports is the fact that there is a large wood-fired oven in the space at 317 Division Street.

The history of that oven goes back to May of 2007 (4 blog posts) with Sprazzo, the restaurant that never opened. The oven was lowered through the roof when the owners of the building, Bob and Kate Kuyper, revamped the structure.

Over a year ago, I had it on good authority that a local entrepreneur had made arrangements to extract it from the site but it turns out, I was wrong yet again.

It’s not likely that Tandem Bagels will need it so unless someone steps up to claim it and pay the costs of removing it, it’ll likely have to be destroyed.

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