5 thoughts on “The race for MN House District 20B: Wermerskirchen vs. Bly”

  1. The issue has been raised that we need to pay back our shools : First of all I did not realize that Public Schools are in the banking business : We never hear about how we need to pay back the Nursing Homes : They have been underfunded for at least 20 years or more never catching up with the cost of living for the care takers of our elderly : Long-Term Care workers have not seen a pay raise in over five years : Also we hear about how the economy is getting stronger : (maybe for some) Then why has there not been a raise for Long-Term Care workers : Chicago Teachers were asking alot : How do we afford asking Long-Term Care to still bear the brunt of the budget process :

  2. It was pointed out to me that Brian Wermerskirchen did NOT support the marriage amendment. I tried to find something on his website that indicated this but to no avail.

    Anyone have proof of this?

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