6 thoughts on “Willie’s Shoe Repair gets a new sign”

  1. Don’t let him kid you. Griff has been supporting the Duct Tape industry for the last 10 years… there wasn’t much leather left on those old moccasins. I won a gift certificate at the Northfield Historical Society’s Auction and didn’t waste any time in shaming him into using it. Thanks Randy, for the donation to the Auction and the intense counseling he needed when faced with the replacement of those nasty things.

  2. If you look closely in the bottom right corner of the photo of Willie’s new sign…you will see the initials of the artist who designed and painted the sign. None other than my brother Michael Weinmann who lives in Austin, MN (he also did the “Tattered Pages” sign in the middle school. When I send him this link, he’ll be pleased to see his handiwork was appreciated. Keep up the keen eye, Griff!

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