Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Election, in One Handy Place!

We’ll keep adding details as we have them; let me know of any errors or omissions. More excitement to follow.

View election results online from the Secretary of State’s office.

Candidates for the special election on Thursday, Jan. 3:

Ray Cox (Republican)
Kevin Dahle (DFL)
Vance Norgaard (Independence)

There will be a candidates’ forum on Thursday, Dec. 20 at The Grand.


  1. Amber Iwanski said:

    Does anyone know if the following is a “real” email. If so, is it suppose to be representative of Carleton Democrats? Evan Rowe #26 provides a professional comment and not the full blasted anger (pettiness?) of the following:

    From: “Pablo D. Kenney”
    Date: December 9, 2007 5:22:41 AM CST
    To: carletondemocrats
    Subject: [CarlDems] republicans don’t want you to vote (Happy New Year)

    Welcome to the election year.

    In a year full of election glee and mirth, the Carleton Democrats will kick off the year protecting our senate seat in a Special Election on January 3rd .

    Governor Pawlenty scheduled this election on the earliest possible voting day because he doesn’t want YOU to vote.The republicans are counting on winning this seat through deceit and inertia.
    They’re counting on you to sit this one out.

    They`re even running the same candidate that WE defeated in 2006.

    How can we fight back?
    We need a coordinated and strong response of voting, education, and volunteers. We need to show that we will fight for our seat, for our values, and for our vote.

    What do we need from you?

    1)your vote. minnesota has same day registration and all Carleton students are eligible to vote. This is a close election and with few exceptions we need your vote here more than where you are currently voting. If you have any questions about this please contact me (kenneyp)

    2) your knowledge. The republicans are counting on us to be unaware.What are you voting for and who are you voting for?
    First, this election is important because it will provide a real DFL majority in the state senate. This will allow the Democrats in Minnesota to fight back against the governor`s “GOP machine” proposals.
    Kevin Dahle is the DFL endorsed candidate running for this seat. (Running against Ray “lost in ’06” Cox). Dahle has been a teacher at Northfield high school and a strong citizen in the Northfield community. He has been a teacher for over 24 years and has taught many of our fellow Carls.


    3) your time. The more volunteers we have on January 3rd, the more people we can get to the polls. We will have voting vans and we will be tabling in Sayles and need people to do this. It is the first day of classes, and if there is any day to skip and for any reason–this is it. Please reply to this email if you can volunteer any of your time. This is a really important election and we need every person we can get. Let me know when you are available and what you are interested in doing (publicity, tabling, working on campus/northfield).

    January 3, 2008

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