A tiny quiz

I followed Dan Bergeson into Tiny’s Dogs All Day at lunch today and while chatting with him and proprietor Tim Sellars, I noticed a few things. Hence, a little quiz (click photos to enlarge):

Tiny's Xmas tree Bobblehead Jesus Tiny's is for lover's sign
Left: What’s relevant, community-wise, about the xmas tree?
Center: What Northfield store did this bobblehead Jesus come from?
Right: What does this ceiling tile have to do with leather?

9 thoughts on “A tiny quiz”

  1. Left: Arts Guild Festival of Trees tree
    Center: Present Perfect?
    Right: Morgan used to produce LocallyGrown on KRLX, right? So you tell me, Griff. I’m sensing some insane private joke.

  2. Our family is truly blessed to many of see these children at Church every Sunday.

    My wife and I had a wonderful time taking turns holding the baby (on the right – next to Mom), as Mom and Dad sang in the Choir and helped with the Christmas Pagent this weekend. The little miss is a wonderful baby, and her brother and sisters are pretty special as well. (I will not give thier names here, but mom can feel free to post them if she wishes.)

    The little guy in the red & white sweater is quite the actor! He had an extra special part in this years pagent. His one line was executed so well, and brought the crowd to tears of laughter. The cuteness factor was off the charts.

    We have a wonderful community family at our church. The people, the places, the friends we meet… It is what makes Northfield great!

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