Senate 25 debate at The Grand: audio and video

Locally Grown Northfield and KYMN 1080 AM hosted a Senate District 25 candidates’ debate at The Grand Event Center last night.

Kevin Dahle Vance Norgaard Ray Cox

Candidates L to R: Kevin Dahle, Vance Norgaard, Ray Cox.

Senate 25 debate at The Grand Senate 25 candidates with Locally Grown triumvirate Senate 25 debate at The Grand
Center: the LG triumvirate (Tracy, Ross, me) with the candidate trio (Vance, Ray, Kevin).


Click to play. 2 hours, 3 min. Or grab this downloadable MP3.


Hour 1


Hour 2



Much appreciation to Paul Krause at Paul Krause Creative for doing the videotaping, to Jeff Johnson at KYMN for the audio, and Chuck Pryor at The Grand for the venue.


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  1. […] last night. It was a packed house and an excellent venue for the forum. Griff, Stacy and Ross with Locally Grown did an excellent job keeping the forum moving along well. Jeff Johnson with KYMN kept the […]

    December 21, 2007
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    The video of the Senate 25 debate is now posted in two parts, hour 1 and hour 2. It’s hosted on Google video and I’ve made the embed code available so that anyone can place them on their own sites/blogs. Copy/paste, piece ‘o cake!

    I’ve not watched the videos other than a few seconds at the beginning and end of each. The very end of video is chopped in a few places as the tape was evidently running out as the debate ended. Most of the video of the candidates’ unplanned closing statements was unfortunately lost. This was my fault, as I told Paul Krause that the whole show would run 90 minutes or so, and we ended up slightly over two hours.

    December 22, 2007

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