Locally Grown site traffic report for December: dang good

Locally Grown traffic summary for December 2007 
Our traffic for December was up again over the previous month:

  • 17,904 Visits (average/day: 577)
  • 4,405 Absolute Unique Visitors
  • 48,454 Pageviews

Those were our best-ever stats for visits and pageviews. Only July, with the influx of people nationwide from the heroin story, had higher numbers for unique visitors.  In December, we had 1,000 more unique visitors than we did in November.

#1 blog post: Mayor intends to serve out term with 3,000 pageviews, 2,000 of them unique.

Another tidbit: we’re now #1 when searching Google for either the words or the phrase ‘Locally Grown.’

Here are the June-December traffic totals by month:

5,533 Visits
1,713 Absolute Unique Visitors
13,367 Pageviews

16,531 Visits
6,246 Absolute Unique Visitors
42,584 Pageviews

11,455 Visits
3,222 Absolute Unique Visitors
29,640 Pageviews

10,356 Visits
3,025 Absolute Unique Visitors
25,583 Pageviews

13,604 Visits
3,549 Absolute Unique Visitors
35,743 Pageviews

12,953 Visits
3,301 Absolute Unique Visitors
32,392 Pageviews

17,904 Visits
4,405 Absolute Unique Visitors
48,454 Pageviews

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