Betsey Buckheit challenges Senator Kevin Dahle on Local Government Aid (LGA)

I saw former Northfield City Councilor Betsey Buckheit’s tweet this morning, linking to her blog post titled, Dear Senator Dahle where she says:

Betsey BuckheitWith the power shift in the state legislature, I’m looking forward to the legislative session with a teeny tiny bit of hope and a whole lot of apprehension.  My apprehension level rose precipitously yesterday when I read my new state senator’s tweet (@KevinDahle) that he’d been meeting with a district mayor as part of working to increase local government aid.  Oh dear, Senator Dahle, but that’s starting at the wrong end of the policy process and so early in the session, too. (continued)

Kevin DahleI don’t know if we’ll get the benefit of a substantive online response from Kevin to her since his blog appears to be dormant and his Facebook page is brand new, where so far, he’s having his tweets auto-posted. Maybe he’ll attach a comment to her blog post?

It has the potential for a good discussion. I’m not informed enough to lead it/ask the questions but I’m hoping some of you LoGro readers might chime in, either here or there.


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  1. kiffi summa said:

    Read all the way through this letter of Bestey’s to Sen. Dahle, and then think long and hard about what kinds of choices we need to make for local governance.

    Local voters should search for longterm values in candidates, rather than voting in a reactionary manner or on some superficial personality basis.

    We lost a very valuable participant in the last local election (and I intend absolutely no disrespect to Mr. Ludescher).

    January 29, 2013

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