An online engagement project for the Northfield Public Schools: getting feedback on the Transformational Technology proposal

The day after the ‘balanced calendar’ online engagement project for the Northfield Public Schools that I blogged about back in early January got postponed, I put my Wigley and Associates consultant hat back on and had a meeting at the Northfield Public Schools District office with Superintendent Chris Richardson and Matt Hillmann, Director of Human Resources and Technology.

Chris and Matt decided to use my online engagement services instead to get additional public feedback on the Transformational Technology proposal that’s now being considered by the School Board.

It’s happening on a blog that’s part of the District’s WordPress Multiuser platform:

Transformational Technology for Northfield Public Schools, ISD #659

Transformational Technology - Northfield Public Schools


Matt has been blogging about the project for nearly a year on Blogger and so we’ve imported all those posts into this new blog.  He presented the final draft of the proposal to the School Board earlier this week and the Board will likely vote on it at one of their February meetings.

Rob HardyRob Hardy has a comprehensive overview of the project with lots of links in a blog post titled Local Issue: iPads in the Schools.

Rob has also a post on his Learning Curve blog (“The Education of a Northfield School Board Member“) titled Transformational Technology Proposal: Paying for iPads.

And like the downtown parking management plan for the City of Northfield that I’m working on, this project with the District won’t happen here on LoGro.  So I’ve turned off comments here. If you’ve got questions about how it’s all going to work, see my blog post: How is the online engagement part of this project going to work?


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    February 1, 2013
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    February 5, 2013
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    The Transformational Technology proposal online straw poll and the blog discussion thread close around midnight on Saturday, Feb. 9. So if you’ve not taken the straw poll, now’s the time. And if you’ve got comments or want to discuss any aspect of the proposal, chime in with a blog comment ASAP! Visit the blog at or click the links of the recent blog posts below:

    * Transformational Technology proposal straw poll and blog discussion closing Feb. 9

    * Video archive of Transformational Technology webinar and transcript of live chat are now available

    * Photos: Feb. 4 community meeting at the High School

    February 7, 2013
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    Thanks for listening, Rob.

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