Mowing in the winter: Steve Malecha gives Northfield’s storm water ponds a shave

Steve Malecha, operator for the City of Northfield’s Public Works Department, was mowing the invasive trees around Hidden Valley Pond last Friday, right outside my back door.

The City rented the skid steer loader for a week to mow around all the city’s ponds. I guess it helps when the ground is frozen solid.

Normally this time of year, Steve is plowing snow for the city. See this December 2010 video on Northfield Patch that features his work after a 15-inch snowfall.

Steve Malecha, Northfield Public Works Operator

Northfield Patch also has a photo of Steve with his VFW buddies in story titled Northfield VFW Donates U.S. Flags to City:

VFW donates flags