10 thoughts on “City of Northfield’s new website: What’s your reaction?”

  1. I like the Laserfiche WebLink document search. This morning I did a search for the term “skateboard park,” and discovered that the possibility of a skateboard park in Northfield (located “near the cinema parking lot in Babcock Park”) was first raised at a meeting on June 27, 1989.

  2. Generally, I liked the website. The photos are lovely and well used (in my non-expert opinion) and I found it easy to navigate. I liked all the info on the council members and how to reach them (and when they’re available); I liked all the different pages that allowed people to ask a question or register a concern.

    I’m not a huge techy, so can’t comment on the design specs of the webiste, but all in all I thought it was a big improvement over the last one.

  3. I think the photo on the Economic Development page is a bit odd. Yes, it is of a product made in Northfield, but unless a viewer knew that, the setting may be a bit confusing. Is there some way to connect the image to Perkins Transport?

  4. Here’s a screenshot of the Perkins Transport truck photo on the City’s new website that David is referring to.


  5. There are some other photos that the main links get lost in on other pages.
    From what I was told is trying to change those photos is very difficult and the the images would not change for 4 years.

  6. It must still be under construction, because there wasn’t anything on the Parks and Rec Board page. Otherwise, I think it is pretty easy to use. As Rob says, it is great to have the archive material.

    It will be important for city staff to include documents distributed by staff, councilors and others at the time of meetings in the packet materials for council meetings, something they have not done before, but which, I assume, will be possible now. Sometimes those documents are important to the understanding of the proceedings.

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