Jan. 8 Northfield City Council meeting

I couldn’t be at the Northfield City Council meeting tonight but I hope to get the audio from KYMN some time on Tuesday and post it here.

Among the agenda items:

11. Approve final design directions for Woodley Street from Prairie Street to Jefferson Parkway for the preparation of plans and specifications

12. Review and discuss mediator panel recommendation

13. Review open letter to the community from the Charter Commission

14. Receive resolution from the Charter Commission concerning a citizen’s allegation that the City of Northfield violated provisions of the Northfield City Charter

15. Provide direction on City Hall facility improvements

16. Approve organization structure revision – Public Safety Director

Councilor Arnie Nelson was also going to amend the resolution re: Mayor Lansing’s office at City Hall.

01/08, 8:30pm update: Here’s the 30 minute audio of council discussion and citizen comments re: Councilor Nelson’s motion.

See this Northfield News story.

Were you at tonight’s meeting? If so, please comment on what happened and your reactions.

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  1. I’ve just sent my League of Women Voters report to be posted on our site. It will be up when Catherine Christian has time to take care of that.

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