Why do you love Northfield? Why should people move here?

My wife Robbie and I moved to Northfield in 1974, just after we got married. We raised all four of our kids here. We’re new empty-nesters but we plan to live here till we die, hopefully not real soon.

With all the recent controversies, going back to July last year, the town has gotten a considerable amount of negative publicity. Some people worry that this might be deterring people and businesses from relocating here.  The controversies aren’t likely to go away soon, either.

So I think it’s time to put on our local booster hats and let the world know why we like it here. It might even do ourselves some good.

If you need some ideas, take a look at the 80 photo albums that show slices of life here.

nfld album1 nfld album2


  1. Instead of submitting a laundry list in one comment, submit a sentence or two that describes just one thing.  And then, if you have another item to submit, add it later. Another? Add it later.  I bet I can think of a couple dozen things that I’d like to add eventually.
  2. You can expand on what others post but don’t take issue with what others post. This is an all-positive, booster-rich thread.
  3. All other Locally Grown discussion guidelines apply.

Sooooooo, what do you love about Northfield? Why people should move here?

77 thoughts on “Why do you love Northfield? Why should people move here?”

  1. Griff, I thought we were being “all-positive, booster-rich.” Admittedly, I don’t spend that much time in the local latte shop. However, given the definition you’ve linked to, I’d have to assert that 95% or more of the people that I’ve met in town are not bobos.

  2. We like the harpist at King’s Room at St. Olaf Buntrock Commons.
    We think we are the only ones who actually sit silently and listen
    to her exsquisite playing. She is young, but sometimes she
    hits it really right on and my spirit is happy all day long.

    We give her a substantial cash tip whenever we go there and
    encourage others to do the same.

  3. Heidi, welcome to town! Maybe we should get together for coffee – Patrick and I are newbies as well. We’re in the phone book.

    And Patrick, are you trying to get me riled up with your 95% comment?? There are some things you just shouldn’t say to a statistician…

  4. I believe that Fermentations might very well be the best restaurant between Burnsville and Des Moines…on the I35 corridor…and I really like that about (greater) Northfield.
    I had a really good meal there last night…every dish was excellent and the wine was a good value. That place needs support.

  5. I love that we just had a really nice lunch at BOB’s that is my nickname
    for Beef O’Brady’s on 3 and heritage drive. I had the fish basket and dh
    had the ribs. Both very good, reasonably priced and good service.
    I had lemonade and dh had tea, both good. There are enough tvs to
    choke a goat, but that’s alright with me, I can ignore as many as they
    can load up on the walls. It’s a gift I have. 🙂


  6. I love Jessica loving my lovely gravatar. She’s a beaut, huh? Or is that “butte”?

    Her name is Bella. Wish I could find the one where she’s in the red, sequined mini-skirt…

  7. I especially love the loverly halo of delicate pink flowers. Just like you, Brendon, uh, I mean Bella. So very precious.

  8. Hey, congratulations, Heidi! 🙂

    We’ve lived here since 1984. I moved here as a junior in high school, and then went to Olaf, where I met my husband Rodd, who is the sexiest, ever.

    I like Northfield’s bridge square, book clubs, friendly people, library, and Key.

    Not that I go to the Key, but I like that it’s there. Named after a kid named Key, I think I remember.

    I like the blogs, too. Although I am constantly feeling inferior to all of the Northfield smarties we have around here.

  9. That’s cool, isn’t it (Northfield is gay and lesbian friendly re: Griff’s reference to an old thread).

    And, I wonder if Heidi and Alan (congrats, too, Alan) had their baby, yet?

  10. Thanks, Holly and Felicity and Brendon and everyone! Adelaide Sadie Rubenstein made it into the outside air this last Saturday. She weighed in at 7 lbs 5 oz. We are calling her “Addie.”

    We can say now that one thing we definitely love about Northfield is the incredible birth center there at the hospital. As we walked out to our car I asked Heidi to rate on a scale of 1-10 the place and the care she received there. She said ’10’ without hesitation. I asked Addie too and she said 9.5. Tough crowd. :->

  11. Awesome news, Alan! Congratulations to you and Heidi. Welcome to Northfield, Adelaide Sadie Rubenstein. Here’s to hoping that you get cast in the 2041 run of “Guys and Dolls” at the Arts Guild. You’re a natural with that first name.

  12. Hey, Allan, I see your column in today’s Nfld News. Nice!

    But, four months in, we are very happy here. Northfielders are great and more than just “nice folks.” They also get ticked off – in print, sometimes. We were Northfield News subscribers before we left D.C. It sat on our living room floor next to the Washington Post, telling its tales of wayward mayors, loose-lipped, leave-taking police chiefs and lots of letter writers worried about Northfield staying Northfield.

  13. We love many of the things already listed here. My partner and I are not Northfielders yet…well my partner I guess could be considered one as she grew up there. Like the Rubensteins, we have been subscribing to the Northfield News in anticipation of our future move there and enjoying it. We have not been detered by the negative press. The Heroin stories did give us pause as we have a 3 year old who will hopefully be a teenager living in Northfield someday. All the rest we find interesting and just means that the community is alive and kickin’!

    One thing not mentioned by others that we love is that Just Foods coop is, as far as we can tell so far, just as good as our beloved Linden Hills coop. It definately has far more locally grown produce available.

    So if anyone knows of someone looking for a cute cape cod in a great neighborhood in SW Mpls we would be happy to join you all.

  14. Welcome, Janine, and thanks for the comment. Good to know you’re lurking here in anticipation of moving to Northfield. The 14+ years of Northfield’s virtual communities have helped entice many people to move here.

    Let us know the next time you and your partner visit and maybe we can meet for coffee and/or a beer.

  15. I like Northfield’s proximity to the Twin Cities. We’re 30 minutes from the airport and 45 minutes from both downtowns (assuming no traffic). In most cases, moving to/living in a small town requires giving up frequent/inexpensive (relatively) access to the entertainment, cultural, shopping, and employment offerings of a big metro area. Not so here.

  16. Having been out geocaching locally the past two weekends (www.geocaching.com), we LOVE the Carleton Arboretum, St. Olaf’s natural lands, and the Cannon River Wilderness Park. Being out experiencing nature rocks!!!

  17. I hate Northfield. Last weekend I attended the NAG annual auction for the arts, the Historical Society’s annual meeting and ball, the St. Patrick’s Day parage parade and party… and I was bummed because so much else was happening in town that I missed. All this arts and culture is killing me.

  18. Off topic! Time to activate the Fairness Doctrine. Please take comments #72-#74 to Griff’s newest blog entry: “Why do you hate Northfield? Why should people not move here?”


  19. I love living in Northfield cuz Griff takes so many pictures of the places where I cannot go. Also, he and Robbie live across the street from us now and
    I can turn the radio up and keep them awake all night long. just kidding.

    I love Northfield beacus I am gtting great care from some really lovely people over at the Northfield Clinic and Hospital. ANd at Heritage Dental Care.
    And last year when I walmost choked to death, the EMT people were great.
    There is so much emphasis on stores and shopping and poltics we al forget to acknowledge those who are really keeping the seams together around here.


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