Downtown parking panel discussion via video conference scheduled for today, May 6, 5 pm

Britt Ackerman Mary Closner Ross Currier Leota Goodney

Chris Heineman Christopher Tassava Steve Wilmot

We’re hosting a live video conference today, May 6, at 5 pm to discuss the DRAFT "final" report on the Downtown Parking Conversation. The draft is on the agenda for the City Council work session on Tuesday, May 14th.

Panelists confirmed thus far:

We’ll be using Google+ Hangout Air for the video conference, embedded on the downtown parking conversation blog.  If you’re unable to attend the live conference, I’ll have it archived there shortly after it’s over.

There are three ways for you to participate in this event:

  1. We’ll be using an online text chat feature so that anyone can submit questions for the panel during the video conference.
  2. You can submit questions for the panel ahead of time by either attaching a comment to the blog post, or by using the Contact Us form
  3. After the panel is over, we’ll continue the discussion via blog comment thread till Friday, May 10, possibly later.

Got questions or suggestions? Attach a comment or contact me.