Spauldings sell the James Gang Coffeehouse, keep The HideAway

jgcoffeehouse-sshot hideaway-sshot
Joan Spaulding has blogged that she and Jim have sold the James Gang Coffeehouse on Jefferson Rd. (Melanie and Jeff Ewald are new owners) but that they continue to own and operate the HideAway Coffeehouse and Wine Bar downtown on Division St. (Full disclosure: The HideAway is a client of mine.)

Melanie Ewald is also a therapeutic and life coach (Ewald Coaching) and was featured in a Northfield News article last week titled Life-coaching catches on as a way to focus energy.

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  1. Anne Bretts said:

    James Gang has a lovely little fireplace. And let me put in a word for the Hideaway and Bittersweet as great places to hold small committee meetings for any project or group. The tables are large enough for doing work and the coffees, teas and baked goods will provide inspiration. It seems a lot of churches, PTOs, book clubs could support these businesses by having groups meet downtown, at least for a nice change of pace.

    January 17, 2008

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