Notes on the fridge

My son Tyson alerted me to this photo on Flickr of a refrigerator note. It reads:

fridge-noteSorry I left you dishes.

I will have sex with you to make up for it! 

Love you!

My questions:

  1. Is the note written by a man or woman?
  2. Which would be funnier?
  3. What funny or interesting refrigerator note stories do you have to share? (G, PG, or PG-13 level only, please!)
  4. If you can, find a way to connect this to the meltdown at City Hall.


  1. Anne Bretts said:

    A woman would trade sex for doing dishes…a man would trade doing dishes for sex. And many marriages have thrived quite nicely on that bit of symbiosis, or free trade, or mutual blackmail, depending on your point of view.

    January 18, 2008
  2. John S. Thomas said:

    Funniest note I ever saw on a refrigerator (it was on a website):


    I burned the toast…

    …and the house down.

    Call me when you get this.

    Your Wife

    P.S. We are out of bread.

    I will see if I can find it on the net.

    To answer the questions:
    1. Either one, but I think Anne got this one right.
    2. Neither one. Relationships should be built on mutual respect.
    3. See above?
    4. Well, this is all very silly and unnecessary… and could have been prevented by thinking and respecting others, and not trying to get your way by exerting influence.

    … and I do not want to discuss City Hall any more.

    January 18, 2008
  3. Was this designed to draw me out, Griff?

    I’ll bite:

    The note was written by a man.

    Unfortunately, he still lives at home, and he left this note for his mom.

    It’s really funny if the number of dishes is less than 4 or greater than 44… a couple dishes being seen as overeager to create excuse for compensation, a large number being seen as the man overestimating the value of his “services”.

    I frequently leave notes like this for my fridge. It never responds. It is still a sexy, energy-efficient beast, though. (purr, purr)

    The note represents the metaphorical dishes left behind by City Hall kerfuffles. The city leaders have left the note for Northfield citizens hoping that a little lovin’ will heal all wounds as we try to move beyond the caked-on, baked-on grime of this past year’s “surprise parties,” now much regretted.

    January 18, 2008
  4. Paul Fried said:

    This Is Just To Say

    I have eaten
    the plums
    that were in
    the icebox

    and which
    you were probably
    for breakfast.

    Forgive me
    they were delicious
    so sweet
    and so cold.

    — William Carlos Williams

    About the dishes/sex note:

    Left by a man. Note handwriting.
    She’s been wanting more. He’s been refusing.
    But he knows how important
    it is to her that he do his share
    of the housework, and he knows
    he’s been busy, or holding out,
    so this is his olive branch.

    Left by a man.
    He usually does his share of the work,
    unlike other men, who are mostly scum.
    They had a wonderful, amazing night
    the previous, when the earth shook,
    stars fell, angels wept, etc.
    (Is that a Harrison Ford quote
    from a movie?), and this offer
    to make it up to her this way is pure irony,
    an inside joke offered like a single rose
    of laughter, passion, gratitude.

    Or Brendon’s explanation. He’s a slacker, a boomerang, or a late-bloomer who *never* left the nest, joking with mom.

    Or, in spite of assumptions about handwriting,
    this is by a woman, raised by Dad
    and older brothers in a house 2-miles
    outside town. The brothers fixed up old cars
    in the pole barn out back, swapping engines,
    attempting body work, changing out
    doors and seats with others in better
    condition, but in the wrong colors.
    There are no less than 3 junkers
    in the yard back at Dad’s.
    Her handwriting resembles theirs,
    but is the best in the family.
    She’s living with a guy now,
    has been for 1.4 years, and tho’
    she tried (but not hard) to impress him
    at first by being Suzy homemaker,
    she knows she never aquired the habit
    of doing dishes after meals,
    doesn’t pretend anymore.
    Her boyfriend’s mother
    was a neat freak, tho’, and he’s
    been on her case, things have been
    a little tense, so this is *her* olive branch.

    January 18, 2008
  5. Gilly Wigley said:

    Twas writen by a girl named Jessica, possibly 24 years old. But as for facts, thats as much as I know. or as much as I can figure out by browsing her flicker page… 🙂

    January 19, 2008
  6. Gilly Wigley said:

    Wait, I meant to say that differently. It was writen by a man, FOR a girl named, Jessica, possibly 24 years old. There we go.

    January 19, 2008

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