Video: Ward 4 meeting with Councilors Denison and Cashman

This is the video of the first 39 minutes or so of Northfield Councilor Jon Denison’s Ward 4 meeting at St. John’s Lutheran Church this morning. At-large Councilor Noah Cashman also participated.


  • 0-7:30: discussion of Denison’s recent eviction from his residence and its relevance to the recently passed rental ordinance
  • 7:30-10: Alex Beeby’s comments on Denison’s performance as a councilor
  • 10-33:30: discussion of capital improvement projects including the library, the skate park, and city hall
  • 33:30-39: discussion of relocating the liquor store to the existing safety center and relocating the safety center to Hwy 3 and Woodley (MNDOT property)

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