Podcast: Dave Hvistendahl on the revised plans for the Ames Mill dam

Dusty Budd, Ross Currier, Dave Hvistendahl Our guest this week: Dave Hvistendahl, who owns buildings that house the law firm Hvistendahl, Moersch & Dorsey, and the Froggy Bottom River Pub and Suites on the Cannon River overlooking the Ames Mill dam, owned by his downtown neighbor, Malt-O-Meal. (That’s KYMN news director Dusty Budd on the left with Ross Currier and Dave. Tracy’s lawyer called to say she was on medical leave.)

As I blogged here last weekend, Dave’s one of the people working on a plan that would have a kayak/canoe park replace the current Ames Mill dam, rather than the plan initially proposed by Barr Engineering described in the Dec. 12 article in the Northfield News titled Bye Bye Waterfall?

Due to a studio glitch, the first 8 minutes of the show were not recorded. The audio starts in the middle of a discussion about the Building Board of Appeals, and a few minutes later, discussion of the dam begins.

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