Photo essay: Bridge Square Barbers

I got this email this afternoon from Kat Morriss, Carleton College sophomore:

I was recently asked to create a photo essay about a person/business/event in Northfield for my digital foundations class. The general idea behind my piece was: “What happens when a hip, young college student heads to a small-town barber for a haircut? Aaron Kaufman, a Carleton College junior, makes an appointment at Northfield, Minnesota’s Bridge Square Barbershop to find out.”


Click through Kat’s dozen images with commentary of Aaron’s visit to Buzz Cummins at Bridge Square Barbers.


  1. Jessica Paxton said:

    Cool. Like, way cool.
    I’d like to see the other students’ work, too.

    By the way, this might be some cross pollination, post-wise, (sorry all) but Aaron Kaufman’s yet another up-and-coming ROCK STAR with Carleton connections:

    Check it out.

    And I’m relieved to see Buzz didn’t touch his burns.

    January 25, 2008
  2. Ken Wedding said:

    That great photo essay brought back memories of my 1963 barber shop adventures in Northfield. As a new Carleton student, I wandered into a barber shop on Division Street, and a few weeks later was hired by a barber trainee in the shop to be a model at his licensing exam in St. Paul. I got my first straight razor shave and first “mud-pack” facial treatment during that session.

    January 26, 2008

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