Peruvian Odyssey photos

My dentist, Jerry Appledoorn at Professional Drive Dental Group, spent a couple weeks in Peru in January, doing to children there what he does to me: inflict pain. He went with some fellow medical professionals and a group of St. Olaf students taking a biology course called Peruvian Odyssey:

This course is a service/learning experience in partnership with Children’s Surgery International. Week one is on-campus examining emerging and existing health care issues. Students will spend two weeks in Cusco, Peru assessing patient needs in a public hospital, a homeless shelter and a small village. Week four will be at St. Olaf in discussion, writing reflective papers and reporting on needs assessment to Children’s Surgery International.

I blogged about his trip last year.

IMG_2160_15 IMG_2042_2 IMG_2073_3 IMG_2078_4 IMG_2093_5 IMG_2100_6 IMG_2108_10 IMG_2109_11 IMG_2131_13 IMG_2143_14

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