More geeks in downtown Northfield

Northfield is lucky to have two downtown businesses that do a variety of computer-related stuff.

Adam Rauph and Aarin Morse Aarin Morse hotgeeks1

In the past couple of weeks, the friendly guys at Hot Geeks LLC (“Repairs, upgrades, security networks + more”) have added memory to Robbie’s Dell laptop and my HP laptop. (They’re in the same building as Nita’s Salon, between Division and Water St.  on 7th, right behind Lansing’s Hardware.)

Left: Adam Rauch and Aarin Morse. I’m a geek-wannabe so I want one of those cool vests that Aarin is wearing (center). The John Deere sign on the wall is a nice touch, too.

4 thoughts on “More geeks in downtown Northfield”

  1. I can definitely recommend these Hot Geeks, neighbors of mine on 7th Street near Village on the Cannon. They have twice rescued my computer from meltdown (in the first case, the tower actually sizzled, in the second, it was a virus) and in both cases carried the tower to their store and then back to me to set everything up again and explain what had happened. They are incredibly reassuring for someone who came late to computers and still is not quite sure what she is doing…
    Maybe they should sell cool Hot Geeks vests to Griff and other Geek wannabes?

  2. Hey guys,

    Thanks for your compliments! We feel very fortunate to serve such a great group of folks here in Northfield.

    Now about those vests…
    I think we could work something out 🙂

    HOT geeks LLC
    Computer Specialists!
    110 7th St W
    Northfield, MN 55057

    Computer Troubleshooting, Repair, upgrades, Networking and Security

  3. You’re welcome, Aarin. As for the vest, it’s probably best to keep them only for you and your colleagues. I’m a ‘hot geek’ only to my wife on those few occasions when I’m prompt at fixing something with her computer. 😉

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