Wanted: A Northfield GTD group


I’ve been considering learning to use David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) process for a while now. But beyond buying the book and listening to some Merlin Mann podcasts about GTD, I’ve never really tried to implement it.

But I’m at the point now where I have to admit that my life has become increasingly unmanageable. So tonight I signed up for GTD Connect, a $48/month members-only program. Yikes!

If you’re tired of racing around in circles; feeling anxious, searching your memory for critical data, drowning in email; or watching your energy and projects fall through the cracks of an overly busy, out of control life, then it’s time to give yourself a way out with GTD Connect.

I was hoping to find some other Northfielders who were members, but alas, no.

I could try to do this on my own but I think I’ll be more effective if I have a small group of other people to meet with regularly who are in the same boat. We can learn from each other, hold each other accountable, and have some fun along the way.

I’m not going to lead this group. We’ll have to figure out to have it run like a self-help group.

You might be interested but are you willing to buy the book? Willing to consider paying for other GTD products/services? No, I’m not selling anything. I just want to find other people who are serious about this and a willingness to spend some money is one way to indicate that.

If that’s you, send an email to gtd@locallygrownnorthfield.org tellling me who you are and why you’d like to be considered for this local GTD group. This isn’t first-come, first-served. This isn’t like signing up for a community ed class. I want to find a small group of people who I like and who I think I can work with.

I’ve turned off comments, as this is not meant to be a discussion item.


  1. Griff Wigley said:

    I’ve heard from three four local Northfielders and we’re getting together for our first GTD meeting next week. If you’re tempted, this would be a good time to take the plunge as I don’t know that we’ll want to keep adding people once we start.

    March 8, 2008

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