Gearing up for NAG’s annual ‘Auction for the Arts’ this Friday

Northfield Arts Guild (NAG) staff and volunteers were busy yesterday morning, setting up a TEMPORARY display of the art work to be auctioned off at this Friday’s annual Auction for the Arts titled, ‘The Eds of March.’

Felicia Peters and Michael Fallon Michael Fallon and Jennifer WolcottDonna Jackson and Felicia Peters Michael Fallon, Felicia Peters, and Bart de Malignon

Left: NAG staffers Felicia Peters (Shop Manager & Gallery Coordinator) with Michael Fallon, Executive Director.
Left center: Michael Fallon with artist Jennifer Wolcott (photo by Bart de Malignon)
Right center: Artist Donna Jackson and Felicia Peters (photo by Bart de Malignon)
Right: Fallon and Peters moving heaven and earth with Bart de Malignon (Bart’s Art).


Why the temporary display?

Because this year the auction (and Roman feast) will take place NOT at NAG HQ downtown but at (click photo above) the Arts Guild Theater at 411 W Third St.

See photos (with descriptions) of some of the art to be auctioned on the NAG’s Auction for the Arts preview page, as well as Michael Fallon’s blog post on the event.

And see the album of 100+ photos from the 2004 NAG auction or this slideshow:

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