Who Are These People and What Are They Doing?

EconDevLeadership.jpgIt’s Jeff Hasse, President of the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Mary Rossing, President of the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation, and Rick Estenson, President of the Northfield Economic Development Authority, hanging out together tonight at the Chamber’s Annual Banquet at the Grand Event Center.

It was recently reported by a local media outlet that their organizations have trouble working together for the economic vitality of Northfield.

Where do those media people get that [deleted]?

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  1. Mary Rossing said:

    Feel the love! The news that we don’t play together well–or that our respective organizations don’t– was grossly exaggerated to be sure. I guess this is proof that we don’t have any problem working together–or drinking and eating together, for that matter. The article was cetainly puzzling to all of us, but good for a chuckle and a photo op, anyway. Which is to say, don’t believe everything you read…

    March 13, 2008

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