Councilors, Commissioners, Mayor and City Staff on the Big White Bus

Bus TourLate this afternoon, a motley crew assembled at City Hall and got on the Northfield Transit bus for a tour around the outskirts of our fair city. The purpose of the trip was to help city officials in the process of reviewing Northfield’s designated Urban Expansion and Priority Growth boundaries as part of the revision of the Comprehensive Plan.

City staffers Community Development Manager Brian O’Connell and City Planner Dan Olson were our tour guides, accompanied by Public Services Director Joel Walinski and City Engineer Katy Gehler. City Councilors Cashman, Davis, Denison, Nelson, and Vohs were of the party, along with Mayor Lansing. The Planning Commission was represented by yours truly and Griffith, Hargis, and Herreid. (Ross was unable to attend due to a work conflict.) EQC member Suzie Nakasian and “civilian” Suzy Rook came along for the ride. I think they’re both masochists.

bus-2.jpgBeing trapped in an enclosed space with this crew for nearly two hours may not be for the faint of heart, but it was actually instructive and informative, and in the process I was heartened by overhearing several very congenial and constructive exchanges between Planning Commissioners, City Councilors, staff, and the Mayor (in all combinations). Councilor Arnie Nelson won the evening’s Conscientious Official Award by staying at City Hall through dinner and attending the Planning Commission work session until 9:15.

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