Has Anyone Seen Robin?

open-water.jpgMy husband, who pays attention to these things, observed that the ice went out on the river on Tuesday, and said that the geese came back into town last Friday.

I’m keeping my eyes open for the first robin (the traditional Minnesota herald of spring). Anybody seen one yet? If so, please comment and tell us where and when! With more snow in the forecast, I need all the hope I can muster…

17 thoughts on “Has Anyone Seen Robin?”

  1. No robin sighting. But Tom, the friendly downtown mailman, has been seen in shorts & that’s a sure sign of spring!

  2. I’ve been seeing robins the past few weeks. I think the first I saw were on about March 3 on the south edge of town (I was out perusing the Southbridge site where the HRA is planning a housing development.)

    Yesterday I was treated to the sight of an Eastern Bluebird while out enjoying a bike ride before the Big Snow. See http://www.sustainablecommunitysolutions.com/index.php/2008/03/21/celebrating-spring/ for a few related musings. The robins and bluebirds are probably cursing their decision to heard north just about now…

  3. My bird book says we are really really close to the area that Robins winter over and don’t migrate. Those February birds could have strayed over the line.

    I have seen a Coot and a Merganser hanging out with the Mallards on the little slough behind our townhouse.

  4. Just saw my first Robin at 2:07 pm. She, I think, looked fragrant, I think,
    and quite big and strapping. I reached for my camera bag, unzipped it
    and off she went! I have not seen any robins around here in the winter,
    only the resident blue jays, cardinals, sparrows and other tiny ones.

    Spring, spring, spring! Come and dance with me!

  5. We have had lots of robins in our yard for about five weeks. Robins and cedar waxwings have stripped the crabapples from our trees during that time. I don’t know if it is because we live south of town or not, but it has been nice having so many of them here.

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