Podcast: Northfield Garden Club, America in Bloom

Our guest this week: Judy Code, president of the Northfield Garden Club.

Never underestimate the power of a handful of gardeners determined to make their corner of the world a better place. The Northfield Garden Club has built an impressive number of coalitions, partnering with public and private organizations all over town.

The NDDC devoted their monthly forum to it; Mary Schier also blogged about it Tuesday on MyNorthernGarden after attending the NDDC forum. Northfield News editor Sam Gett wrote about it last month.

The Northfield Garden Club and Northfield are entered in the America in Bloom contest. America in Bloom Judges evaluate communities on eight criteria:

  • Floral Displays
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Landscaped Areas
  • Tidiness
  • Urban Forestry
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Turf and Groundcovers
  • Community Involvement

So, with all this coverage, what does the Garden Club need to help make their vision a reality? Volunteers! Money!


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