I’m baaaaaaaack

Where have I been? I’ve been in Tennessee for the past week, taking photos and video and blogging at the Trials Training Center, a client. And when I wasn’t working, I was playing and learning. Motorcycle trials is essentially obstacle course competition on a dirt bike. You ride over stuff trying not to put your feet down. (If you’re interested, see our Minnesota-based trials club site/blog called the Upper Midwest Trials Association.)

Griff Wigley Griff Wigley Karl Davis, Jr.
Left and center: me.
Right: a 15 year-old kid from Florida, playing on a rock. He held the bike in that position for several seconds, hopping up and down on the back wheel. I’m going to learn to do that when I’m older.

8 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaaack”

  1. Yeah, Hans Rey and Ot Pi…. two of the best-known bicycle trials riders with the cool short names.

     Alas, no video of me, Jerry. But here’s a clip of my instructor, Andrew, that I took. I’m sure I’ll be at his level Real Soon Now.

  2. I am duly impressed by that video. It shows how you really have to let the bike become an extension of your own body.
    I dropped my bike twice one year, and got it caught on fire last time I rode it.
    And that was just plane ol riding. hehehe. Goes to show whimps shouldn’t try that stuff at home. But it was soo ooooo oooo much fun and a sense of freedom, once you know the road well.

    Thanks for the memories, GW. Ohno, Gee Dub! ahahahahaaaaa! get it?

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