Usage: Councilor vs council member

I was delighted to see in today’s Northfield News article about Monday’s City Council worksession that the reporter, Suzanne Rock, used the terms ‘councilors’ and ‘Councilor’ (italics mine):

Excessive noise, parking and blight problems, which have been highlighted during discussions of a revised rental ordinance, were seen by some councilors Monday as citywide issues. “It seems like we should be talking about all types of property and apply the same standards to rental and non-rental(s),” Councilor Noah Cashman said.

It’s so much better than ‘council member.’ In the UK, they spell it a little differently (‘councillor’) and I’ve been using that for a couple of years but I hereby declare my intent to follow the Northfield News’ example and spell it with one ‘L.’ And I urge y’all to do the same. Now if only the City would update the councilors’ web page.

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