LoGroNo seeks guest bloggers; only the opinionated need apply

Sociotechnographics Ladder

  • Are you at the top of the Sociotechnographics Ladder but don’t want/have your own blog?
  • Do you have an opinion about a Northfield/Rice County civic-related issue that’s not been addressed by Locally Grown’s triumvirate?
  • Might you want to make your opinion known for the Locally Grown audience of 5,000+ visitors?
  • Might you want to write it up (or record an audio or video clip)?

If so, contact us first about your idea and we’ll let you know if we think it’s suitable, however we define that.

If you get our thumbs-up and then submit something, we’ll review it for quality/editing. If we post it and it generates comments, we’ll expect you to join the conversation for a period of time. (We’ll still be the moderators.)

So c’mon. Belly up to the opinion bar and weigh in.

Questions? Fire away.


  1. Tracy Davis said:

    Griff, you forgot to add one more thing to the list:

    Do you have a thick skin?

    April 10, 2008
  2. Attention to the handicap issue must be given if downtown wants to thrive on a bigger or better level, if Northfield want to back up it’s friendly town rhetoric, and if people want to raise consciuosness on compassion.

    April 10, 2008

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