Czech printmaking exhibit opens today at ArtOrg with a pig roast

Dave Machacek, ArtOrg Executive Director, came into GBM early this morning and reminded me about today’s opening of the Czech Printmaking 2008 exhibit.

czech-printmaking-2008 Printmakers Jan Vicar and Kristyna Pojerova did not travel 4500 miles just to give an ordinary art exhibit! On Sunday April 13, from 3 pm to 9 pm, the ArtOrg gallery exhibit called “Czech Printmaking 2008? will open. The exhibit will feature work from eight contemporary printmakers from the Czech Republic, and the addition of about 20 artists from the University of Minnesota Printmaking Collaborative called “The Bohemian Press”. We are expecting a great turnout and we are roasting a pig!

dave-and-glenn Dave Machacek, Glenn SwitzerGlenn Switzer
The pig roasting was in process at 6:30 am, courtesy of Glenn Switzer, Switzer’s Nursery and Landscaping, who has his own homemade pig roasting oven. I convinced him to give me a peek.  Yum! See y’all at 3.


  1. Rob Hardy said:

    This was a great event! Fabulous artwork and good food. If you’re reading this, and it’s before 9:00 pm on Sunday, get down to ArtOrg before they run out of pork and beer!

    April 13, 2008
  2. kiffi summa said:

    I would strongly urge everyone to visit this exceptional show. You need to see, up close and personal, the extraordinary technique and astounding images of the dead baby bunnies, and a row of similar, but beautifully varying expression of forms, in a row of glasses, and some HUGE prints that are both delicate and powerful at the same time, and way too much more to tell you about.
    There is a sensibility in this show that mixes beauty with a raw reality, and it is quite different from many American genres. It speaks with a truth impossible to dismiss.

    Go see it …

    April 15, 2008