Spring Craft Collective grand opening at Grezzo Gallery

I got an email from Christine Stanton last week, alerting me to the opening of the Spring Craft Collective show at Grezzo Gallery on Thursday night. Fifteen artists are featured for the month of May but I don’t know who they all are, as there’s no info about the show on the Grezzo Gallery website and I can’t read (or copy/paste) the list of names in the PDF of the ad for the show on page 4 of the May 2008 Northfield Entertainment Guide. So if someone has the info on the artists and their websites, please attach a comment.

 Leanne Stremcha Jessica Peterson Amanda Stremcha Christine Stanton

L to R: Leanne Stremcha, Jessica Peterson, Amanda Stremcha, and Christine Stanton.

prayerbedes-sshot Christine Stanton
Christine Stanton has a comprehensive web site, PrayerBedes, for her prayer beads.


  1. Mary Rossing said:

    Artists include Cathy Collison, Joyce Francis, Suzanne Klumb, Annie Larson, Marisa Martinez, Char Meron, Amy Merritt, Jessica Peterson, Colleen Riley, Christine Stanton, Amanda Stremcha, Leanne Stremcha, Jennifer Wolcott, and the antiques of Anastasia Balfany. Beautiful things!!

    May 3, 2008
  2. Christine Stanton said:

    Thanks for the PR, Griff, and thanks for the list, Mary. 🙂 As an update, Leigh Schrader and Merideth Fierke (sp?) should be added to the list. 🙂

    I have another website on Etsy. If you are not familiar with Etsy, it is a place for artists and craftspersons around the world to sell things handmade. Other local artist/craftspersons are also on this site including:
    Trinket Foundry – Cathy Collison
    Small Fish Productions – John Ehresmann
    Made for Magpies – Stephanie ? (Interestingly, I found her on Etsy, and she is doing some custom work for me)
    Cannon River Fiberarts
    Holmquist Pottery
    Luce Di Vetro – my other shop

    You can access their shops through my Etsy shop by clicking on “location Northfield, MN” on the right hand bar in my shop.

    May 3, 2008

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