The old Tires Plus site is now, um, Lansing’s Plus?

old Tires Plus old Tires Plus
The old Tires Plus site at the corner of 6th and Division has a new look.

Lee Lansing Lee Lansing shop Lee Lansing
Lee Lansing has transformed it into a seasonal yard/garden/plant shop. It’s pretty much Lee’s operation, as son David Lansing has taken a job managing a hardware store up in the Cities. Lee hasn’t yet decided on a name for the shop, so if you have suggestions, post ’em here!

8 thoughts on “The old Tires Plus site is now, um, Lansing’s Plus?”

  1. In case there is a prize … Bright wins for either Fresh Start or Fresh Start Gardens!
    What a great, and meaningful, name.

  2. Does anyone know if this location is under some sort of temporary use permit?

    I heard that the location is only permitted until around September, so I am wondering if this enterprise is only a short-term effort.

    Can anyone elaborate? Is there any long term plans, other than waiting for the whole block to be developed?

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