Sweet Pea’s Toys and Treats opens

Robbie and I stopped by the new Sweet Pea’s Toys and Treats shop (part of the Sweet Pea’s Loft empire in the Nutting Block) last week to sample the goods.

sweetpeas-sshotSweet Pea's Toys and TreatsSweet Pea's Toys and Treats Sweet Pea's Toys and Treats Sweet Pea's Toys and Treats
Left image: Co-owner Nicole Maloney told me that their new Sweet Pea’s Loft web site is up.
Right photo: there’s a cool play area in the loft where kids can try out the toys. 

Nicole’s hubby Jerold Weber (pictured on the right in the center photo with Robbie) attached this comment about the new addition to a previous blog post here:

Yes it is true, My wife and I are expanding the store (Sweet Pea’s Loft) to include Toys, Candy, Soda Pop, and some sort of Ice Cream. We are hoping to open the door by May 1st.

We plan to carry the FUN toys I remember from my childhood, Having FUN is the name of the game, all learning and educational stuff will happen only as a side effect. No Video Games Here!

As far as candy we will continue on our blast from the past to include candy necklaces, maryjanes, Bottle caps, Slow pokes and many other oldtime or just fun candies. What candies do you remember? Feel free to stop in and let us know.

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