7 thoughts on “Nobody seems to care about these environmental problems”

  1. Geez, Griff, this is a new low. I’m not sure exactly how to raise the fluff standard but I’m beginning to think it’s imperative.

  2. I care about these problems, Griff and my dog has been actively working on solving them. She’s been collecting the ticks and eating frogs (well, only 1 so far). She’s also been working on uprooting buckthorn saplings in her obsessive search for sticks to carry.

  3. Betsey- I had a watch dog, once, too. At least I figured he was because of all his ticks. Also, does your dog eat those frogs before or after they croak?

  4. Somebody chopped down trees in the Carleton Arb? Did you report it to the management? The one left standing is a gentle breeze away from falling on you.

  5. Stephanie- You might axe Mr. Beaver what his motives were, here. Perhaps he just had a chip on his shoulder. Or, was he barking up the wrong tree?

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