Photographer Dan Iverson departs from the Northfield News

dan iverson I saw Northfield News photographer Dan Iverson last Thursday night at the Sequi event. He told me that Friday was his last day at the paper, as he and other photographers at Mainstream Publications LLC newspapers (parent company of Northfield News) had been given layoff notices on last Monday.

dan iverson As an amateur photographer, I’ve long-admired Dan’s work. Whenever I’d notice him at an event where I was also taking photos, I’d watch where he’d position himself and try to learn from it.

Last summer, I wrote in a blog comment that “I’d really like to see a photo gallery where lots more of Dan Iverson’s photos could be displayed, esp. ones that DON’T make the paper.” That finally happened last month with the creation of a Northfield News photo gallery where 9 albums of Dan’s work now reside. I wonder if the reporters who’ll evidently now be expected to take the photos will continue to contribute to the gallery.


  1. Dan is not only a great photographer but a great writer, too. What a loss for the community. Good luck, Dan.

    May 13, 2008
  2. Ray Cox said:

    I too really appreciated Dan’s work. He always seemed to capture the sense of the ‘happening’ but was not in everyone’s face while doing it.
    My question is: does this mean there will be fewer photos in the paper, or will it rely on submitted photos?

    May 13, 2008
  3. Tom Neuville said:

    Dan, best wishes to you. I too, always liked to see you at my town meetings, and community events. Pictures really do speak more than a thousand words, and you have spoken millions of words for the readers of the Northfield News. Thanks.

    May 15, 2008

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