The Bridge Square fountain gets some spiffing up

Bridge Square fountain Bridge Square fountainBridge Square fountainBridge Square fountain

Hayes Scriven, blogger and Executive Director of the Northfield Historical Society, sent this note with the above photos of the Sheldahl 25th anniversary fountain on Bridge Square:

I thought I would send you some more picture of a sure-fire sign of summer. The fountain is up and running! If you notice there is a nice new blue paint job in water bowl.

7 thoughts on “The Bridge Square fountain gets some spiffing up”

  1. Griff, thanks for posting the pictures. Next time I will have to proof-read my emails before I send them out so my grammar doesn’t suck so bad.

    On another note, when I was walking in this morning, I saw that the fountain had soap in it! Don’t you think they could come up with something more orignial?

  2. According to Ross’s post, it costs about $3000 to $4000 every time this occurs.

    If that amount is correct, you would think that the city would put in preventative measures, such as a security camera.

    How about a Wireless WI-FI camera…oh yea, wait, no city wide wi-fi yet… nevermind.

  3. A REMINDER: The Commuter Challenge event will be in Bridge Square Friday Morning from 6 AM to 9 AM. Carpool, Vanpool, Walk, or Bike to work!

    Information on pooling, biking, and walking, as well as free coffee from Goodbye Blue Monday, and treats from Just Food will be available.

    Randy Rosvold, from Metro Commuter Services will be available to answer all of your vanpooling and ridesharing questions.

    This event is being sponsored by the Non-motorized Transportation Task Force, as well as ReNew Northfield.

    Stop down and see us this morning! 😎

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