Roder’s a finalist for city admin job in Norfolk, Nebraska

The Nlfd News posted this at noon today: Roder a finalist for Nebraska job.

Roder, who acknowledged the appointment this morning, said he applied for the position for a number of reasons. The most important, he said, is his family. The assignment, Roder said, “would be a terrific move for my family, and the community is closely aligned with my values.”

54 thoughts on “Roder’s a finalist for city admin job in Norfolk, Nebraska”

  1. Poor Northfield…you have to go through this tedious recruitment and selection process…again? Two choices:

    1) Susan Hoyt
    2) Victor Summa

  2. Was just thinking about Susan this morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if she, too, finds all of this quite amusing (in a not-so funny way). Howie, would you be willing to jump back on board, too?!? I’d love to have you and Susan back in action around here.
    Geez. I’ve only lived here a little over 6 years and I think this will be the third change at the helm during that time. Is this typical?!? Very troublesome.

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