9 thoughts on “Safety Nazis”

  1. No taking pictures of signs.
    No making up Signs.
    No blogging on wireless devices.
    No jumping in the lake.
    No telling anyone to go jump in the lake.
    No walking on water.
    No outdoor dining.
    If you can think it, don’t do it here.

  2. Ah! Another sign of spring! Looks like you post more than blogs, Griff.

    John S.- Another item for your list: if it even has the semblance of fun, don’t even THINK about it!

  3. The questions for local governments are:

    Is this sign in the local sign inventory?
    Is there a process for reviewing the sign?
    Have those reviewing the sign had certified training in how to review signs?
    Does it meet retro-reflectivity requirements?
    Are the letters 6″ high?
    Is it posted at the correct height?
    Is the angle and distance from the road correct?
    Is ‘squishing’ acceptable sign verbiage? (there may be legal consequences if it is supposed to be ‘smooshing’)

    These questions (and more!) brought to you as one more unfunded mandate by your friendly federal government.

  4. Griff. I wonder if a thread might work which invites the general public to comment and contribute any idea that might improve the local world. It could be in the form of brainstorming, which could be sorted by you or others into categories.

    May I start…The intersection of Woodley and Division could be improved by providing two entry lanes with one right-turn lane. This would clear the traffic much more efficiently, especially during the rush hour.

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