Photo album: Memorial Day tribute 2008


  1. Great photos, Griff! Thanks. You do a good service providing these for the community. My father has a stone there and I visit that site as I do his gravestone at the Northfield Cemetery. Except for a balky Lee Greenwood “God Bless the USA,” recording everything went smoothly. Maggie Lee told me she listened on the radio and it was hard to hear the band as the band was positioned on the opposite side from KYMN (the band had been on the KYMN side last year) but that Barb Klinkhammer leading the singing came through very well.
    I thought I heard the speaker say one couldn’t support the troops without supporting the war…

    Bless Don Kimber for singing a merchant marine song as a solo! He said he thought it might have been a good way to clear everyone out, but not so.

    Over 50 names were read of local veterans who had died in the past year. I read there is one man in the U.S. who is still living who served in World War I. And now those of my father’s generation are dying off. I wonder if there will ever be a generation untouched by war.
    Something to think about this Memorial Day.

    May 26, 2008