6/2 City Council meeting – what happened?

I didn’t attend last night’s Northfield City Council meeting (agenda PDF; photo is from earlier this year).

  • I was told this morning by a citizen who attended the meeting that Mayor Lee Lansing opened the meeting but then departed, accompanied by Police Chief Mark Taylor. Anyone have details?
  • Who spoke at the public input portion of the meeting on the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)?
  • Did payments get authorized for the investment loss; for legal services?
  • Did plan for City Hall renovations get approved?


  1. Adam Elg said:

    Tracy, Giff,

    It may not have been wrong that LoGro bring up this topic for public discussion but it is the choice of words used by Griff in his original post that I think went to far. You do it again in post #73 Griff by making the statement “abusing their perscription”. Such an inflamitory word – quite different from how Victor Summa stated it in the NN story.

    June 25, 2008
  2. Barb Kuhlman said:

    I don’t see it as a “problem” that you mentioned your chemical dependency background, just that in the context of what you wrote it seemed immaterial. In other words, as written, for me it did not add credibility to your comments. As you explain it in this comment (post?), it makes a little more sense. When you explain your rationale for your earlier comments, they become more credible, but those explanations (how you came to your assertions) were absent from the original comments. So, yes I believe you could have said some things better the first time around. I do agree with Adam that the words “abusing his antidepressants” are inflammatory and not what the NNews presented. One could easily accidentally take more than the prescribed dose of a medication. The word “abusing” implies an intentionality that you can’t know was there, and as such seems unfair.

    June 25, 2008

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