Embrace winter

I love this cold weather. Bring it on, baby! How cold did it get last night? ‘Twas -19 F at around sunrise this morning, according to the Carleton College Weather Database. Click these photos to enlarge.

IMG_6225.JPG IMG_6228.JPG IMG_6185.JPG IMG_6221.JPG
Left and left center: Carleton College has ice sculptures on display adjacent to the chapel. Hey, why not move those to various spots downtown Northfield, ala Peanuts in St. Paul?
Right center: The college’s hockey rinks are open for anyone to skate on, with a warming house to boot.
Right: 5th Bridge co-founder Justin Stets at the Blue Monday last Saturday, about to head to the cities for a GQ photo shoot on the latest in men’s winter fashion.

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