Larry ‘bad boy’ Fowler scores in downtown Dundas

I was bicycling through Dundas tonight when Chip deMann introduced me to Larry Fowler.

Larry Fowler   Larry Fowler's boot Larry Fowler and Michelle Millenacker

Larry had rented a Harley for the day ($80 weekday rate) from Faribault Harley Davidson and was even sporting some snazzy footwear.

Sitting on a Harley on the main street in Dundas is a babe magnet tactic. Sure enough, within about five minutes, blond bombshell Michelle Millenacker strutted by and made her move. Larry didn’t even have a to roll up the sleeves of his t-shirt. Somebody alert Glenn!

2 thoughts on “Larry ‘bad boy’ Fowler scores in downtown Dundas”

  1. I understood that Lawrence of Dundas wore flowing robes and sandals. This latest incarnation is quite a development.

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